Centralized Motion Control Solution

Centralized motion control solutions include 4-axis, 6-axis, 8-axis motion control cards andembedded motion controller, utilizing a high-performance DSP to calculate the motion trajectories and FPGA to process critical motionI/O. The kernel on DSP is the one of SoftMotion built by Advantech. All motion cards support common motion API for easy integration or machine upgrade. Motion functions of the cards vary from basic point-to-point motion control, economic linear/circular interpolation to application-specific functions. The PCI-1240U/PCI-1220U and PCI-1243U are motion control cards that are ASIC based. The PEC-3240 is an embedded motion controller; programmers can speed up their system development with this Application ready embedded motion controller. Windows 32 bits/64 bits, .Net components are supported.