Operator Panels

Advantech offers operator panels such as the WebOP-2000T and WebOP-3000T series that come with RISC processors to satisfy the stringent standards required in the automation market, especially packaging, label slitting, and motion-based robot dispensing. With support for over 350 PLC industrial communication protocols and to fulfill the needs of different applications, Advantech provides a real-time operating system and built-in Microsoft® WinCE 6.0 OS platform which bundles WebOP Designer with both models and lets the operator panels become a control HMI for flexible system integration. WebOP Designer 2.0 is a software development tool which involves the use of PLCs and helps create application solutions for labor-saving, improves efficiency of manufacturing and easy control of every machine in the factory. Advantech Operator Panels also support a variety of easy wash IP66 certified LCD screens with sizes from 3.5" to 15" and are suitable for any PLC application, and the use of different motion/thermal controllers, inverters and sensors.