Tri-axial MEMS Seismic Sensor

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An earthquake always breaks out unexpectedly and sometimes brings devastating impacts, such as fires, road/bridge damage, building collapse, etc. That really threatens people’s lives and brings huge property damage.

Therefore, establishing a complete earthquake early warning system becomes important and urgent to prevent any further significant damage to the important facilities.

Palert is an advanced earthquake P wave alarm detector system from Sanlien in Taiwan and represented by Jenlogix in Oceania. It uses embedded Pd technology developed by Prof. Yih-Min Wu from National Taiwan University who has published many articles on this subject. With over 800 sold in Taiwan alone, it has proven successful and is now supported by the Taiwanese Government (Taiwan has the same number of earthquakes as New Zealand). Sanlien have installations in India, China, Mexico and Japan.

It is designed to reduce earthquake damage by providing as much warning as possible at an affordable cost. The Palert only requires 3 seconds once a P-wave is detected to issue an alarm if it calculates that the following shockwave is likely to be of a significant level to cause damage. 

Palert offers four kinds of trigger algorithms:

  • Pd - algorithm as developed by Prof. Wu
  • PGA stands for Peak Ground Acceleration. Palert offers 10 Hz and 20 Hz low pass filters which are user adjustable to filter out high frequency components in signal generated by non-earthquake vibration.
  • Real time displacement calculation which is able to deploy displacement trigger algorithm along “a” axis.
  • The conventional STA/LTA trig algorithm is also available in Palert.

The open connectivity of Palert offers Modbus RTU /TCP protocol to seamlessly connect with PC, PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface). The connection number of host can be up to 3 simultaneously. So it is very easy to connect with broadcast, disaster prevention system. It also provides active connection to server ability which is useful to deploy at environment with no real IP. With NTP (Network Time Protocol) capability which keep Palert internal time within 1 second accuracy.


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