2GB EmbedDisk
44-pin IDE
Right Side

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Dependable and Secure

Designed with advanced IDE flash controller technology, EmbedDisk is 100% compatible with the standard IDE/ATA storage interface without the need for a special device driver. This advanced multi-tasking IDE flash controller’s integrated error-detection, error-correction, re-mapping and wear-leveling technologies with power hold-up circuit greatly improves data reliability. Its low-power requirement, advanced PIO modes, multi-sector transfer support and LBA addressing can satisfy applications with high performance and reliability requirements.

Anti Shock & Anti Vibration

Using advanced solid-state storage technology, without moving parts, EmbedDisk is able to perform all of its designated function without being affected by shock and vibration.

Wide Operating Temperature

EmbedDisk is designed to support commercial and industrial applications operating in environments exposed to extreme temperature ranges (-40°C to +85°C).

Capacity : 2GB

IDE Transfer Mode

PIO Mode : 6
MwDMA Mode : 4
UltraDMA Mode : 4

Drive Configuration

Master / Slave Switch
Read / Write Switch

Data Transfer Rate

Read : >30Mbytes
Write : >10Mbytes
Burst : 16.6Mbytes

BUS Interface : ATA Compatibility

Connector : 44-pin IDE/ATA ANSI Standard

Sector Size : 512 bytes

ECC Technology : High reiability based on the internal ECC function

MTBF : over 3,000,000 hours

R/W Endurance : 2,000,000 times (wear-leveling)

Data Integrity : 10 Years

DC Input Voltage : +5V single power supply operation

Power Mode : Auto stand-by and sleep mode

Power Consumption : 150mA Max

Dimensions : 48mm x 32.6mm

Operating Temperature : -40°C~+85°C

Humidity : 10 ~ 95% non-condensing

Shock : 50G/10ms

Vibration : 5G (7~2000Hz)

EmbedDisk Dimensions