MDU (Modular Display Unit) Controller
Connects up to six LITILE34 Modules

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LITILE - A revolutionary invention of seamless display wall which can make the screen size unlimited...

To offer the total solution in the digital signage industry, LITEMAX has launched the world-leading seamless panel wall - LITILE from the beginning of 2008.
According to LITILE's four S features - Slim, Seamless, Scalable and Sunlight Readable, you can build an unlimited size panel wall.

This high brightness display wall will be your new marketing tool to catch your target audience! 

LITILE Example Installation

Main Features

  • Sunlight Readable, High luminance (>1000 cd/m2) and high resolution (1.7mmx1.7mm with 90% fill factor)
  • Seamless - Seamless tiling capability
  • Scalable - Modular flexibility
  • Slim design


  • Retail store
  • Concert
  • Hotel & Casino
  • Exhibition
  • TV Studio
  • Control Room
  • Shopping Mall
  • Public Information
  • Cinema
  • Airport/Station

 LITILE Example Installation

Comparison of Large Area Display Technologies

  Litile LCD Plasma


Typical Pixel Pitch 1.7mm 0.75mm 1.05mm 1.3mm 6mm 3mm

Full Colour

** ** ** ** * *
Video & Text * * * * * *
Low Profile * ** **   * *
Sunlight Readable ** *     ** *
Usable for displays >106" Diagonal *     * *  
High Resolution * * * *    
Usable from Close Range (<5m) * * * *    
Flexible Format *     * * *
Mullions (mm) None Wide Wide-Medium Narrow None None
*=Suitable, **=Highly Suitable

LITILE modules can be arranged to provide a display wall of any size

The chart below shows the screen diagonal, the associated wall size and the display resolution.
LITILE not only allows a breakthrough from the conventional 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, but also more rectangular formats altogether!

Create displays walls in any shape

By stacking the LITILE modules with creativity your LITILE display wall will work and show the most attractive message to your audience.

User-Friendly Mechanical Design

In order to provide the total solution of display wall installation, LITEMAX R&D team concentrated on the innovation of the mechanical design by many tests and a long-term research. LITEMAX believes that these specifics below will be useful to setup the robust display wall smoothly and safer.

User-Friendly Mechanical Design

How to setup a LITILE Display Wall

Example Setup

LITILE Modules & Accessories



34" Sunlight Readable LCD Panel Display.
Seamless, Frameless.
Scalable, Multiple Creative Display Styles.
Slim Mechanical Design.

MDU Controller

MDU (Modular Display Unit) Controller

Each MDU can drive up to 6 LITILE modules for a set.

Scaler Unit

Scaler Unit

Support different video inputs like VGA, DVI and Composite etc.
Work with MDU to output video with different resolutions.

LITILE Flying Case

LITILE Flying Case

Flight Case Base Plate.
"2 Modules In 1" Design.