2-port AMONet RS-485 PC/104+ Master Card

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  • Max. 20 Mbps transfer rate
  • 2 independent AMONet RS-485 Master Rings
  • Max. 64 AMONet RS-485 slave modules supported per ring
  • Supports a communication distance of up to 100m@10Mbps
  • Programmable digital input for event notification events

PCM-3202P is a PCI/104+ interface card which supports two AMONet RS-485 master rings, and transfers data between host and slaves directly without the need for further intervention. Each ring can control up to 2,048 I/O points, 256 axes, or a combination of I/O points and axes for motion control. The ring can support a transfer rate of up to 20 Mbps transfer rate and a maximum communication distance of up to 100 meters. <br><br> The communication between master and slave is based on a customized RS-485 solution that saves wires, covers a long distance, supports high-speed communication and has time-deterministic features. The communication interface between master and host PC is accomplished by memory mapping. Various functions can be chosen on the slave modules, and standard industrial DIN-rail mounting design makes it easy to distribute them in the field. The master collects information from the slave modules and publishes the information to the host PC.