4-axis Stepping Motor Control Universal PCI Card

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  • 4 axis stepping motor control
  • PCI universal bus
  • Up to 400 k pulse output rate
  • T-curve acceleration/deceleration
  • Pulse/Dir and CW/CCW pulse output mode
  • Up 24-bit step count
  • Opto-Isolated Digital input and output
  • Up to 1,500 Vrms system isolation
  • BoardIDTM switch

PCI-1243U is a 4-axis stepping motor control card with universal PCI interface. Each axis can be controlled directly through the card's I/O registers. This board is economic solution for stepping motor which provides 4 channels pulse train, T/S speed profile, on-the-fly velocity change and so on. The board is supplied with DLL library for Windows programmer to write the program. With the DLL driver, you can easily link to VC ®, Visual Basic® or BCB.