Environmental Assessment

Industrial environments can be harsh and computer technology must be up to the task. We have a range of technologies for different environments, from light industrial through to very heavy industrial usage and we can help you to select the most appropriate for your environment. Our products have IP ratings to support very wide temperature ranges, dust and moisture resistance and high shock impact. The product must be specified correctly and we can assist by reviewing your environment and operating conditions so that you implement the best solution.

Solution Design

We assist our customers to determine optimal technology solutions for their application. As well as factors such as the environmental impact, we also advise on hardware functionality and operating systems options to provide the best- fit technology combination. The final solution design is configured and built to order.

Configuration & Build

We stock a wide range of standard industrial technologies as well as supplying unique customer configurations. When a solution design is finalised, we source the components and build the system, from customized sub-assemblies to complete computer solutions.

Integration & Installation

We build, integrate and install at any level. Whether you require a standard component, a customized sub-assembly or a whole system, we can supply it as standalone or we can integrate it into your system. We undertake projects either at our workshop or on-site as appropriate.

Technical Support

Having designed and built systems from the ground up, we understand the underlying technologies involved and we are therefore well positioned to provide quality service. We assess the problem and manage the entire repair process. We have local test and repair facility and rapid liaison with our suppliers for second level technical support and repair/replacement.