Programmable Automation Controller
1 Expansion Slot
Linux Kernel 2.6

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The LP-8141 is a compact size PAC (Programmable Automation Controller
It equips a PXA270 CPU (520MHz) running a Linux 2.6.19 operating system and has 1 slot for I/O Expansion Modules.

User programs can be saved in external storage device, such as microSD Card, USB device or RAM via Ethernet.
The LinPAC SDK is provided for users to develop LinPAC I/O applications rapidly and easily when I-7000/8000/87k series I/O modules are used in the LP-8141. Users can develop LinPAC applications by using GNU C or Java Language.
In the meanwhile, all kinds of servers and functions built-in make the LP8141 more powerful and users will be able to operate LinPAC to achieve their own project smoothly. With LP-8000 series, users can achieve the redundancy function and it will make the whole control system safer.

The main purpose of LP-8141 is to allow the numerous enthusiastic Linux users to control their own embedded system easily within the Linux Environment.

System Software
Operating System Linux kernel 2.6.19
Embedded Service Web Server
FTP Server
Telnet Server
SSH Server
SDK Standard LinPAC SDK for Windows and Linux by GNU C language
CPU PXA270 or compatible (32-bit and 520MHz)
Dual Battery Backup SRAM 512 Kbytes (for 5 years data retain)
Flash Memory 48MB
EEPROM 16 Kbytes with 40 years data retention, 1,000,000 erase/write cycles
Expansion Flash Memory microSD socket with one 1GB microSD card (can support 8GB microSDHC card)
Real Time Clock Provide seconds, minutes, hours, date of the month; month, year, valid up from 1980 to 2079
64-bit Hardware Serial Number Yes
Dual Watchdog Timer Yes
Programmable LED 1
Rotary Switch Yes (0~9)
DIP Switch No
VGA Resolution 800 x 600
Communication Ports
Ethernet Dual RJ-45 10/100Base-TX Ethernet Controller
LED indicator
USB 1.1 1
COM 0 Internal communication with modules in slots
COM 1 RS-232 (to update firmware)
COM 2 RS-485
self-tuner ASIC inside
I/O Expansion Slots
Slots 1 (Supports high pofile I-8K and I-87K modules only)
Input Range +10VDC ~ +30VDC
Isolation 1kV
Redundant Power Inputs Yes, with one power relay (1A@24VDC) for alarm
Capacity 1.0A, 5V supply to CPU and backplane
0.6A, 5V supply to expansion slots
total 8W
Consumption 7.3W (0.3A@24VDC)
Physical and Environmental
Mounting DIN-Rail or Wall Mounting
Dimensions 95mm x 132mm x 111mm
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +75°C
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ +85°C
Humidity 5% ~ 90% RH, non-condensing