VESA Mount UPS Module
9V ~ 36VDC Input
12VDC, 8.3A, 100W Output

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Voltage : +12VDC ~ +36VDC

Current : Adapter is 12V@9A (Load is 100W), Battery is 12V@9A (Load is 100W)

Standby Power Consumption : 0.3A (0.2A if Network Management disabled)

Operation with Charging Current : 500mA

Operation with Charging Power Consumption : 10W

Charging Time with System ON/OFF : 8hrs / 2hrs (Battery empty)


Voltage for Normal Operation : +12VDC +/-5%

Voltage for Battery Operation : approx. 12 ~ 16.8V DC12V (exhaustive discharge protection)

Output Current : 0A ~ 8.3A

Efficiency : 95% (Vin=12V, Iout=80% load)


Short-circuit Protection : Yes

Exhaustive Discharge Protection : Battery low = 10%, Shuntdown = 5%(Default), End of Battery Discharge Voltage is 6V

EMC/Safety Certification : UL, TUV. CE, FCC


Weight : 1.8kg

Storage Temperature : -20°C~50°C

Operation Temperature : 0°C~40°C

Dimensions (LxWxH) : 174mm x 147mm x 35mm

LED Indicator : Green = DC power input, Yellow = Battery charging, Orange = Bettery discharging


Ethernet Interface : Web-based

USB Interface : PC-capable, USB2.0


Battery Model : BAT-LI-2S2P3800

Battery Type : Li-Ion 2S2P 7.4V

Battery Capacity : 8.4V

End of Discharging Voltage : 5.6V

Charging Current : 2A (Max)

Continuous Discharging Current : 7.6A (Max)

End of Charge Condition : 250mA/1Min

Discharge Protection : Under Voltage Protection/Over Current Protection

Charge Protection : Over Voltage Protection/Over Current Protection

Ambient Temperature : 0°C ~ 40°C

Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 60°C

Self-discharge Rate : 340uA ~ 440uA

Dimensions (LxWxH) : 139mm x 47mm x 26mm

Weight : 236g

Cycle Life : 300 charge/discharge cycles

Backup : 60W/10Min

Safety Class : CE,UL,TUV