SmartSwarm 351 IIoT Modbus to MQTT Gateway (Modbus, 2xEth, 232, 485, no accy)

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  • Transparently connects to existing serial Modbus RTU networks
  • Provides parallel data feed into Enterprise IIoT systems while the existing Modbus network continues to operate
  • User configurable data enrichment and event triggers
  • Extensive configuration options for interpretation of Modbus data
  • Cellular or Ethernet connection to IIoT system
  • Also acts as LAN to WAN bridge for 3rd party device connections

<span lang="EN"> <p align="left" dir="ltr">Seamlessly connect existing Modbus process systems to the Industrial Internet of Things.</p> <p align="left" dir="ltr"></p><font size="2"> <p align="left" dir="ltr">The SmartSwarm 351(TM) family of gateways collect and translate your Modbus data and makes it available to your IIoT applications without interrupting "business-as-usual" for your engineers. It is invisible to your existing Modbus installation. </p> <p>Unlike competing "Modbus to MQTT" gateways, which expect to act as the local Modbus master device, SmartSwarm 351 simply "eavesdrops" on communications between the existing master device and the connected slaves. It non-disruptively derives the I/O status of connected devices and uses this information to provide a real time data feed to connected IIoT architecture. </p></font></span>