4U CompactPCI With 7 Peripheral Slots

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  • 4U height rackmount CompactPCI supports 7 peripheral slots
  • Optional 4-slot PCI hybrid box for flexible configuration
  • Selectable high performance or low power consumption CPU
  • Lockable power on/off switch prevents accidental access
  • Very low noise cooling fan for quiet environments
  • Easily-accessible cooling fan and air filter for system maintenance
  • All front-accessible connectors/cables for easy wall mounting

The MIC-3121 CompactPCI is Advantech’s new generation IPC to meet the CompactPCI standard, it offers a 4U height rackmount platform, with compact features, and is the most compact device in its price range. The MIC-3121 measures 482 x 177 x 310 mm, which is the standard 4U height rackmount CPCI system. With seven CPCI expansion slots or three CPCI expansion slots plus an optional four slot PCI hybrid box, users have the flexibility to configure their own system. With all these features the MIC-3121 is an open platform with a front access modular design, and high reliability which makes it the perfect choice for industrial applications where high availability matters.<br /> The MIC-3121 has two levels of CPU choice. One is the Intel Core i3-3217UE CPU for high performance applications, and the other is the Intel Atom N455 CPU which is the most cost effective for low power consumption applications.