iDoor Module: 1 CFast Slot with Cover Protection

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  • Meets Advantech Standard iDoor Technology
  • PCM-23C1CF includes single CFast II slot which utilizes existing internal HDD cable
  • PCM-23C1CF includes a captive screw type cover for CFast card protection
  • Supports Control DIN-Rail PC (UNO-1300/1400)
  • Supports Embedded Automation PC (UNO-2300/2400 series)
  • Supports Control Cabinet PC (UNO-3200/3400 series)

iDoor Module: 1 CFast Slot with Cover Protection<br /> <br /> The PCM-23 series are storage modules from Advantech iDoor Technology. They are compatible with the PCI Express® Mini Card Specification Revision 1.2. including MRAM for automation machine memory back up which will no need battery, SATA to CFast on ThinClient terminal with storage for shorter maintenance and shorter MTB repair, Locked USB Dongle for Software protection in SCADA system, and TPM on Quality system management. This is a flexible design that enables customers to customize their features which meet iDoor Technology.