SQF-P10 P8

Industrial CompactFlash

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  • Compliant with CFA 3.0 & 4.1specification
  • Built-in EDC/ECC up to 48 random bits error per 2K bytes
  • Advanced wear-leveling and block management
  • Shock resistance, anti-vibration and low power consumption
  • SQFlash software package
  • Est. Product Change or EOL: 2018Q4

SQF-P10 P8 is using Toshiba 32/24nm SLC NAND Flash Chips with CF Type-I interface and UDMA transfer mode provides superb performance as a boot device. In order to help protect customers’ intellectual property and maintain system stability, Advantech has designed-in their own SQFlash software package, which includes Security ID, Flash Lock, Life Monitoring and Emergency Erase features, so security and early warning functions can be more easily developed for applications.