64-ch Isolated Digital I/O CPCI Card

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  • 32 isolated digital output channels
  • 32 isolated digital input channels
  • Either +/- voltage input for DI by group
  • High-voltage isolation on I/O channels (2,500 VDC)
  • Wide input range (10 ~ 50 VDC)
  • Wide output range (5 ~ 40 VDC)
  • High-sink current on isolated output channels (200 mA max./channel)
  • High over-voltage protection (70 VDC) for input channels
  • BoardID™ switch
  • Output status read-back for output channels
  • Keeps digital output values after hot system reset
  • Channel-Freeze function for output channels
  • Interrupt handling capability
  • Provides convenient wiring terminal module with LED indicators for DIN-rail mounting

The MIC-3756 card offers 32 isolated digital input channels as well as 32 isolated digital output channels with isolation protection up to 2,500 VDC, which makes it ideal for industrial applications where high-voltage isolation is required. In addition, all output channels are able to keep their last values after a hot system reset. Furthermore, the MIC-3756 provides