250 kS/s, 16-bit, 16-ch CPCI Multifunction Card

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  • 16-bit high resolution
  • 250 kS/s sampling rate
  • Auto calibration function
  • PCI-bus mastering for data transfer
  • 16 analog input channels with 1K FIFO
  • 16 S.E. or 8 Diff. AI, or a combination
  • Unipolar/Bipolar input range
  • 2 analog output channels
  • 16 digital input channels
  • 16 digital output channels
  • One 10 MHz 16-bit resolution counter
  • BoardID™ switch

The MIC-3716 is a powerful high-resolution multifunction card for PCI bus. It features a 250 KS/s 16-bit A/D converter, an on-board 1K sample FIFO buffer for A/D. The MIC-3716 provides a total of up to sixteen single-ended or eight differential A/D input channels or a mixed combination, two 16-bit D/A output channels, 16 digital input/output channels, and one 10 MHz 16-bit counter channel. MIC-3716 provides specific functions for different user requirements: